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Procedure Code Analysis (PCA) Summary

Are your CPT-4 and HCPCS codes
up to date and valid?

We will analyze and review your coding to determine if your practice is being reimbursed properly, and we will provide this service FREE of charge. This is a complimentary offer valued at $800.00 by many firms.

Innacurate or inappropriate use of procedure codes can create two very serious problems to your cash flow. One is delayed payments while insurance companies "review" your claims. They make money by keeping YOUR money on hold. The second problem can occur by minimizing your reimbursement by "Down Coding" your procedure code to the one that reflects the lowest reimbursement payment available. To make matters worse, you may be paid at a substantially reduced rate, and never be advised that the coding you used was invalid or inaccurate.

Your FREE PCA Summary will report status in Totals and Percentages of submitted codes. Don't lose money by being denied or underpaid for your claims. Get your FREE PCA Summary today!


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